When you fall

I completed my first yoga teacher training course in 2014. Many of my classmates were able to do headstands and many advanced postures, as most had already had five years’ experience in yoga before taking this course. To me, every posture was difficult at that time. I started thinking … “am I on the right path?”. I began practicing for more hours, both the physically and theory parts. I made mistakes. I would fail, tip over, and hurt myself. I tried to figure it out … what caused the fall?

If you want to master something, fear is most likely to be your first enemy. Fear hits you when thing don’t go smoothly. You begin to question yourself … “am I on the right track?” Dreams, however, don’t come cheap. You need to ask yourself how much you have invested in your dream. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you will fail forever.

What causes the fall? The second thing is that you do not often know  “why”. You keep falling and falling and think that you are incapable. No one is, however, born perfect. You need to find out why you fail and work on that part (I kept falling while doing headstands hundreds of times and was ready to give up).

What causes the fall? You might become discouraged, believing you will always fall and never master it. You no longer want to.  You tell yourself: “It’s not for me.” You decide to try something else. Then it becomes a cycle. You set a new goal, you make a mistake, your fear failure, you don’t work hard, and eventually you give up.

What causes the fall, in other words, what causes you to give up on your goal or dream is your decision. Whether you allow failure to beat you or inspire you is your call.

You need to ask yourself if you dream is worth fighting for? If the answer is yes, then go for it, fight for it, no matter how hard it is! 

I was not always a confident person – on a score of 1 to 10 my confidence level would be a two at times. Now, however, I believe that “Once the goal is set, I’ll make it happen.”  

These days, I know I do not have the time to overcome every single challenge life throws my way, but I do overcome those for which I have the passion.

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Enjoy Living & Be Happy
Jess Soraya

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